Good City

What Makes Milton Keynes?

The Project

In 2023 Milton Keynes grows ever bigger and welcomes more new residents. The Good City project aims to use The Plan for Milton Keynes to introduce local residents to the original design principles of the new city. It hopes to foster an understanding and appreciation of the designed city to help residents make informed decisions about the future. The project will provide wider access to the masterplan, create conversations around the successes and failures of Milton Keynes, and inspire stakeholders to think about what they feel is important to retain.

Milton Keynes was the last and the most ambitious of the post-war new towns. From 1967, a development period of 25 years saw a dramatic change in the local landscape and thousands of new residents move to the area.

How you can get involved

Supper clubs

Introductory sessions for community groups to discover and discuss the original aims and objectives in a creative and fun way.


Follow-on creative sessions to share opinions across groups and input into community artwork pieces.


Hosted at local venues to share outputs from the Supper clubs and Workshops.

Education sessions

Re-enactment activities for young people in local public libraries.